Hunting and fishing draws for alberta are due at the end of this month. Just a reminder to all who have forgotten!



Just an Update

It has been some time now since i have last been active. I have not had the time to get out on the water or venture out and about. 2010 will be a quiet year for me, as work has seemed to pick up considerably.
Alot of my hunting draws have been put on the back burner for the hunting season, I have 999'd almost all of my draws, except for my Mule Deer and White Tail. I am hoping to at least have some days in november to get out and aquire some jerky and sausage.

I will keep you all posted as time goes by!



Southern Alberta Northerns

I have come to realize that local high pressured water can hold big fish, but that they are very hard to come by. So if you want to catch big fish on a daily basis and have opportunities at fish of a lifetime, you have to go to lakes that hold BIG fish.


2010 MH Wild Elk Federation Elk Calling Compitition

Well, The MHFGA Sportsmans Day was once again, a great success! Each year more and more people are walking through the front doors of the Cypress Center here in Medicine Hat. Cody Robbins from Live 2 Hunt made an appearance along with many other local and urban vendors!